Welcome to Lumière Academy

Situated in Ara Damansara, Lumière is an innovative IGCSE learning centre which prioritizes knowledge and skills that will last beyond a class period or course. Not only do we impart knowledge to the younger generation, we also believe in providing a holistic learning program that they will benefit from for life. This is done by integrating academic learning with social and life skills. 


We at Lumière firmly believe that future leaders, in addition to being academically competent, must also acquire good morals, high ethical values, and strong personal integrity. Lumière symbolizes the word ‘light’. Our motto, ‘Lumen Ad Viem’ translates to ‘Enlightening Life.’ Therefore, we aspire to enlighten the lives of our teachers as well as our students. Our teachers are encouraged to learn and add on to their teaching processes, and in doing so, will develop the students’ learning capabilities. 


The teachers will help students to discover the fun in learning through active class participation, class-­projects and other media-­enriched materials. Furthermore, we emphasize that students put into practice what they learn in their classrooms in order to experience the true value of what they are learning. This ensures that our students will always strive towards garnering information in relation to the world around them. Hence, their education becomes something they have ownership to, which empowers and motivates them to go that extra mile.



Lumière Academy is committed to cultivating academically competent and purposeful individuals who are ready to pursue their chosen goals and make an impact on the world whose future they hold in their hands.


Our Facilities

CCTV-secured learning centre, Library, Student Hall, Cafeteria, Air-conditioned classrooms with projector, and Sports held at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort (badminton court, tennis court, swimming pool, futsal court).