Experiential Learning In Homeschooling Environment, by Lumiere Academy, Ara Damansara, PJ Petaling Jaya

Experiential Learning In Homeschooling Environment, by Lumiere Academy, Ara Damansara, PJ Petaling Jaya





Benefits of Experiential Learning In Homeschooling Environment

Homeschooling environment allows higher degree of flexibility for the homeschool / learning centre to plan and execute experiential learning activities.  Experiential learning in homeschooling environment allows homeschool students to absorb knowledge naturally.  This is in contrast to conventional schooling method whereby students are forced to memorise facts and figures.  The conventional learning method may lead to poorer retention of information in the long run.  

Experiential learning in homeschooling environment also helps in nurturing a purpose driven learning culture, whereby students in higher grades can better ascertain what they want to do as a career in the future and prepare themselves for a future job by participating in various learning activities, rather than simply by learning about the job and its responsibilities.

Experiential learning means learning by doing.  In Lumiere Academy, we strive to cultivate this approach in our daily class activities as well as outdoor learning trips.  Our students learn to absorb knowledge by conducting an activity besides reading about or memorising  a particular concept.  

Recommendation for Implementation of Experiential Learning

To implement experiential learning, a teacher needs to create a learning plan whereby students receive information in an active approach.  The teacher acts as a facilitator and encourage each student to collaborate, discuss and learning from each other.  The teacher should use real life example to demonstrate the understanding of the underlying concept and all students to be given opportunity to participate in the related activities.  For example, usage of toilet roll to demonstrate divergent boundary in Geography class besides giving lectures based on standard presentation slides.

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