Cambridge programmes at Lumiere Academy encourage each student to develop his or her higher order thinking skills while mastering  subjects in depth with the development skills for both academic excellence and practical  lifeskills.   We place heavy emphasis on  conceptual understanding as well as practical work that help Lumiere students make links between different aspects of a subject.   Some of the higher  order thinking skills cultivated here are problem solving, critical thinking, independent experimentation, collaboration and fact-based presentation.   We believe all these skills are  transferable skills that will impact the students for  a lifetime.   Lumiere students have found their joy of learning at Lumiere  Academy.


We believe that the learning process has a Trinitarian relationship; like a three-legged stool whereby it is hard to function without one leg. Therefore, we encourage a vibrant parent community to continuously support and contribute to the centre in order to forge strong students' growth both academically and socially. 


Parents are given an open platform to communicate with both management and teachers. Various events will be held to provide opportunities for students, parents and teachers to collaborate towards one vision or objective. 


Students and parents will be given the opportunity to sit down with teachers every term in order to discuss the student's learning process and how better growth can be facilitated for every individual. We desire parents voice to be heard as a mean of constructive growth for the centre to benefit the students.



(Year 1 ‐ 6)

Subjects – English (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking), Maths, General Science, History,  Geography, Malay Language ,  ICT


The Cambridge Preparatory Program is carefully crafted based on the Cambridge Curriculum and at the same time, will ensure students do not miss out on any key learning that is applicable according to their social and environmental context. 


Students will learn according to the Cambridge English syllabus to ensure that they achieve higher language proficiency and competency in English.


(Year 7 ‐ 9) 

Subjects – English (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking), Maths, General Science,  English Literature, ICT,  Malay Language, Business Studies

The Cambridge Accelerated Foundation Programme at Lumiere Academy enables students to engage in active learning while the programme  is carefully crafted based on the Cambridge Curriculum.  All students are introduced  to Business Studies and English Literature besides other conventional subjects.  Lumiere students would learn  about essential  business skills and put them into practice.  Our English Literature class would further boost their language skills to better prepare all students for Year 10 & Year 11 Cambridge IGCSE courses.   


                             CUSTOMISED CAMBRIDGE IGCSE  PROGRAMME

(Year 10 – 11)

Core Subjects: English, Maths, Malay Language
Science (selection): Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Additional Mathematics


Business  and Accounting (selection):  Business Studies, Accounting,  Economics

Humanities (selection): Sociology, History, English Literature


Students prepare for their IGCSE examinations offered by the Cambridge examination board known as the CIE. It is world-recognized and provides students a strong foundation in their chosen subjects. 


Furthermore, it opens up the doors to a wide array of options for further studies, both locally and internationally. Subjects taught are not only presented to enhance the knowledge of the students, but to make them practical as well.