Lumiere Academy Creative Homeschooling Experience

Lumiere Academy Creative Homeschooling Experience

Besides academic pursuit, Lumiere Academy Homeschooling Experience places appropriate emphasis on Creativity and Spontaneous Self Development.



At Lumiere Academy Cambridge Homeschooling Centre, every kid gets to display his / her creative and spontaneous self.  In contrast to conventional education approach, we always seek to provide socialisation opportunities for Lumière students to communicate in spontaneous ways.  When given the opportunity to dress up and role play, Lumière kids would develop their right brain intelligence of imagination.  In our quest to help them thrive and succeed, we fulfill their needs to dream and imagine.  We always respect kids' right to be real kids.

Lumiere Academy Cambridge Homeschooling Centre is a fertile ground where Lumiere kids strengthen social bonds, build emotional maturity, develop multiple intelligence through teachers' guidance and self discovery activities.

According to a study done by psychologists at University of Colorado reveals just how crucial these activities are in the development of children's executive functioning.  You may want to further explore the importance of hands-on creative learning here

At Lumiere Academy Cambridge Homeschooling Centre, Halloween Day is celebrated by classroom decoration and a potluck lunch.  It is a great moment when parents, teachers and students come together..  Each classroom creates its own display by the students for other classes to visit.  A series of games are created by the students.  Competitions of Best Costume and Best Classroom Decoration are held encouraging each student to unleash his / her creativity and talents.  Guidance and advice are always available from each class teacher.  



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