Personalised Education - Homeschooling Experience at Lumiere Academy

Personalised Education - Homeschooling Experience at Lumiere Academy


While conventional schooling places very heavy emphasis on test and examinations, there is a group of homeschoolers who believe that the very philosophical underpinnings of modern education are flawed.  The Techies Who Are Hacking Education by Homeschooling Their Kids shares about the homeschooling experience and journey of various successful people in the tech industry.   According to the article, homeschoolers believe that children are natural learners; with a little support, they will explore and experiment and learn about the world in a way that is appropriate to their abilities and interests.  "Problems arise, the thinking goes, when kids are pushed into an educational model that treats everyone the same—gives them the same lessons and homework, sets the same expectations, and covers the same subjects. The solution, then, is to come up with exercises and activities that will help each kid flesh out the themes and subjects to which they are naturally drawn."

Classroom activities in Lumiere Academy Homeschool Learning Centre allow all Lumiere homeschool students to demonstrate creativity both in thinking up the charade and acting it up.  This is only possible in a homeschool environment where classroom size is small and not over-crowded.
Besides going through workbook pages or textbook exercises, students learn through games and interactive sessions  which are highly engaging.  Our students develop deeper connections with the content in the text books and form positive memories of learning.


«exercises and activities IN hOMESCHOOLING CENTRE CLASSROOMS ARE DESIGNED TO Help each kid flesh out the themes and subjects to which they are naturally drawn»


Lumiere Academy Homeschool Learning Centre has taken up this challenge.  Our solution is to adopt a well-balance approach between examinations and personalised learning.  While having test and examinations in every term, Lumiere Academy always identifies the learning needs of each student.  We take great care in knowing their strengths and limitations.  Some are great in learning through hands-on activities.  Some are great in acquiring knowledge through reading and writing.  Some are able to sort out difficult concepts through interaction and communication with their classmates.  We take pride in our teaching approach which enables all students to grow in their best learning approach.

Lumiere Academy LEADS

#Learning Together

#Empowering All Students to learn in their strengths

#Achieving Goals of 

#Discovering Potential of each individual

#Shinning Stars - everyone is a shinning star, not only determined by test and exam grade.

If you have any young kid going to start primary school education and is concerned on whether his / her natural curiosity will withstand 11 years of overcrowded classrooms and constant performance anxiety, do contact Lumiere Academy Homeschool Centre to learn about our unique homeschool teaching approach.  


Amos Wong


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