Why Cambridge (International Curriculum) Education?

Why Cambridge (International Curriculum) Education?

Cambridge (International Curriculum) education is well-known for its worldwide recognition and a good fit for your kids’ education pathway.  At Lumière Academy Homeschooling Centre, our curriculum is designed to guide primary and secondary students flourish academically.  Appropriate life skills and core values are being incorporated into day-to-day classroom and extra-curriculum activities to prepare each student to meet the challenges of the ever-changing workplace in a globalized world.      


1) With English as our teaching medium and Cambridge syllabus, Lumière students can easily assimilate and seamlessly transfer into any schools, colleges and universities in 160 countries around the globe.

2) Students acquiring International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) qualification will be able to continue their study in various Pre-University study and A-Level programmes, a doorstep access to the world’s top universities and learning institutes.

3) Our Comprehensive Cambridge Programme offers a well-balanced spectrum of subjects in Sciences, Humanities and Business Studies.  It caters to the interest and learning goal of each student.

4) Well-organised academic performance monitoring system for progress tracking, encouraging goal oriented learning environment at every level.

5) Encourages and promotes creative learning within independent critical thinking framework.

6) Generates inquisitive learners within our flexible learning environment, encouraging students to generate and present their ideas with self-confidence.

7) Nurtures the development of individual’s multiple intelligences in every class activities and school event.

8) Students are put in the path of mutual understanding and respect.  Unity in diversity is our common ground.  Students learn to become a responsible local and global citizen.

Amos Wong


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